Skin sample with a large central defect.

Margins are inked in colors.

A) Portion of skin with a central defect left.

B) Tissue on freezing griddle covered with embedding medium.

C) Prepared frozen block with lines marking where and what order the cuts will be made to the block.

D) Block cut into pieces shown face up. These will be placed in wells face down.

 E) Embedded skin oriented on edge with tissue with red and yellow colored margins visible and separated by the central defect. Longitudinal margins at the bottom show green and blue ink.

F) Picture of frozen section slide.

A) Portion of small Intestine covered with medium on the freezing griddle. 

B) Frozen block being cut.

C) Embedded small intestine, four slices in a block. All four are layers visible.

D Photograph of frozen section slide.

E) Micrograph showing transverse section with all layers of the wall visible and vertical villi in the mucosa.